Peranakan Trail

Many Singapore Peranakans trace their origins to 15th-century Malacca, where their ancestors were thought to be Chinese traders who married local women, predominantly Malay.
Explore the culture of Peranakan communities in Southeast Asia, and view the finest and most comprehensive public collections of Peranakan objects at The Peranakan Museum.

Observe the colourful range of Portuguese-Sino architectural styles from the 1840s to 1950s at the Peranakan enclave in Katong. Many have facades decorated with colourful majolica tiles and intricately carved wooden swing doors known as pintu pagar.

Step into Rumah Kim Choo, a shophouse in East Coast Road. Be fascinated by an old Peranakan home, or “rumah” in Malay.
Admire antiques and family heirlooms, ranging from a bridal bed to Nonya kebayas, and ceramic ware to wooden cabinets that combine Chinese and European styles.

Sample the home brewed Longan Tea served with a selection of Nonya Kueh, made famous by the Peranakans.

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