Who We Are

Established around the time of Singapore’s founding, World Express is a homegrown travel company with a DNA that’s hundred percent ‘Made in Singapore’. For over five decades, we’ve unveiled hidden gems across the Leisure, Cruise and MICE sector, bridging the world to authentic Singapore. Led by second-generation leader and Managing Director, Darren Tan, along with a team of industry experts, World Express stands as a leader in Singapore’s inbound tourism and DMC landscape. With an unwavering commitment to providing the highest levels of destination services, we invite you to dive deep and immerse in Singapore’s unique pulse. Embark on a journey that goes beyond the surface and become a true insider with World Express.

What We Do

As pioneers in Destination and Events Management, we have become the benchmark in Singapore for mastering individual, group and incentive travels across our three core pillars: Leisure, Cruise and MICE.

From hotel accommodation, ground transportation, to sightseeing tours and air ticketing, we ensure all your travel needs are met and taken care of. With our dedicated team and unparalleled connections, every journey we craft is customised to match your vision. Experience Singapore, uniquely tailored to you.

Background & History

Born in the vibrant 1960s Singapore, World Express was the vision of travel entrepreneur Tan Chee Chye, originally taking root out of a small office in the iconic Raffles Hotel. Starting with intimate tours of Singapore’s wonders, we expanded our expertise to destination management, inbound travel, and air ticketing. Our lineage is deeply intertwined with the evolution of the country’s tourism development and today we remain as deeply committed to delivering unparalleled destination services in Singapore and beyond. Our story isn’t just our past; it’s a pledge for the future.

Being a Trusted Guide.

Being trusted means we not only get you to the best places, we make sure you get there fuss free. Our messaging emphasises our ability to unveil unseen facets of the city and provide authentic, curated, and premium experiences.

For each of our guests to feel like a True Insider.

We believe that every journey holds the potential to be something far beyond ordinary—something truly extraordinary. We want to reveal our guests the unseens layers of Singapore, and ensure each traveller leave with stories worth retelling.

We strive to plan experiences are so intimate and authentic that rather than tourists, all our guests feel like insiders too.

1. Be Authenthic

We are comfortable with who we are. We believe in showing the Singapore we know —its sights, sounds, smells, and stories— in a way that resonates with our guests.

2. Seek Excellence

We are committed to delivering top-notch services that exceed expectations, paying attention to even the smallest details.

3. Embrace Innovation

We continuously evolve, adapting to the ever-changing travel landscape and leveraging technology to enhance our offerings.

4. Build Relationship

Our services are synonymous with quality, comfort, and exceptional customer service, ensuring a seamless travel experience.

Awards & Accolades


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