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Integrating sustainability in a meaningful way

Recently, World Express helped to organise a panel talk event, hosting a group of nearly a hundred guests, for one of our clients at 1-Arden. Fittingly, the key message of the evening was sustainable business practices in the tech field and we were happy to work with 1-Arden as a venue partner to bring the event to life – showcasing their incredible infrastructure and spatial features that spoke directly to panel’s theme. There was a hybrid component to this event, with some speakers dialling in from overseas to attend and thus a seamless AV operations was necessary to execute.

With good reason, sustainability has steadily grown to be at the forefront of key industry considerations and we see many businesses in the space following suit. At the same time, maintaining COVID-safe practices remains a priority. Picking up with greater momentum in 2022 particularly, World Express observes a growing number of clients seeking events that integrate sustainability in a meaningful way, and we remain committed to delivering on this task.

As the venue partner, 1-Arden comprises several innovative concept spaces centered on lifestyle and dining within the CapitaSpring skyscraper, which overlooks Singapore’s Marina Bay district. Our event, which was held on the top floor, gave guests a chance to marvel at Singapore’s skyline and experience the world’s highest urban farm, Food Forest (managed in partnership with Edible Garden City). Some of the organic produce on view were incorporated in the farm-to-table-style canapés served during the event.

With green practices in mind, World Express adopted digital solutions to enhance the experience and decrease environmental impact. Virtual and augmented reality elements were incorporated to create an immersive experiences for our guests, while also allowing for the hybrid nature of the event to be delivered smoothly, eliminating the need for travel and reducing overall carbon footprint.

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